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At Entwistle & Roberts, Attorneys At Law, we realize that negotiating child custody arrangements can be a delicate issue. Our team of Gettysburg lawyers works closely with each client and the opposing side to establish a plan that is fair, realistic and puts the best interest of your child first. For honest and compassionate representation in a child custody case, contact us today at 717-339-4997.

Who will get custody of our child?

If the parents cannot agree on custody or visitation terms, a judge will determine those arrangements. Judges establish custody plans based on what they believe to be the child's best interest. To make this determination a judge will consider factors such as the child's wishes, the sibling's arrangements and the parent's ability to provide a loving and nurturing home, amongst others. During these proceedings, it is important to have an experienced advocate on your side to protect your interests and ensure the court is not unfairly biased against you.

What is joint custody?

In instances of joint custody, both parents share custody and have continuous, ongoing contact with the child. This does not necessarily mean that their parenting time is equal, however. Joint custody is separate from sole custody, which refers to an arrangement in which physical and legal custody is granted to only one parent.

Can custody be enforced or modified?

Yes. Circumstances in your life may change and thus necessitate a change in the custody order. Modifications or enforcement to child custody orders may be initiated by either party at any time. As with any child custody arrangement, the primary concern when modifying or enforcing a custody order is the interest of the child.

Will my child be required to appear in court?

It is unlikely. In the event of a hearing, a judge may ask to speak to the child privately — as opposed to having the child testify — depending on the child's age and maturity level.

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